Subscription Questions & Answers

How does the free trial work?

Once you decide to opt for any of our plans, you can run a 7 day free trial available with the plan. Including all the basic features of each of the offered pricing plans, it will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 7 day period is over, you will be charged for selected plan.

What happens at the end of my trial?

After the end of your trial, your payment method will be charged for your subscription. For more detailed information, contact the support team.

My account has expired, can I recover it?

If you do not decide to purchase the same or upgrade to a new plan, your account will expire. You can recover it by buying any of the offered plans. All data from your personal account will remain intact for 2 months. If you do not upgrade till that moment, all data will vanish.

Can I change/cancel plans anytime?

Cancel Plan: Yes, you can. You are free to cancel the selected plan anytime you wish. Once you decide to cancel the current plan, we will not charge you for the next period.
Change Plan: As soon as you decide what other plan to opt for, we will contact you for verification.

How do I access my subscription account?

You can always access your subscription account details including payment methods by clicking "My Subscription" button in your dashboard.

Write us To: for all your billing and subscription account issues.

*** Remember to keep your payment methods up to date during initial subscription and renewal periods.

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