Security Solution and Services for Any Industry

rSecure Office is here to help you win and maintain customer trust, keep their data and interactions with you secure, and get your business through the threats of cyber-attacks and data breaches with confidence. We’ll assist you in:

  • revamping your business workflows;
  • avoiding fragmented data;
  • taking care of data privacy needs;
  • safeguarding data storage and archives;
  • enhancing your readiness against malicious software and data theft;
  • protection against unauthorized access to information and details;
  • secure file sharing and exchange;
  • protected messaging with your staff, clients, partners, etc.
  • rSecure Office also provides customized solutions for various industries and niches. We take care of the specific needs that professionals face in protecting data. Choose your sphere and explore the benefits of the rSecure Office for your specialization.

Industry we serve

Banking Sector
Make online banking a breeze and refreshing to use. Customers can feel confident about safety of their financial accounts, no more struggle with lengthly, complex passswords. Even Bankers can focus on serving customers and no waiting for IT to reset his account again.
Financial Services
When customers trust companies with their financial future, data security is of enormous importance. Rainbow Secure Office is suitable for various individuals and organizations that provide financial services.
We help make it better and win customer trust by giving you stress free, simple and secure way to manage your clients, their risk assessments, their financial documents, your discussions, followup notes, your financial and regulatory disclosures in one platform that is highly secured and makes you compliant....
Today university administration need software platform that helps them solve their real world challenges, we help with simple and secure way to manage their various programs, projects, student aid programs, partnerships, their financial accounts, related documents, data and action items in one platform that is highly secured and makes them compliant....
We solve your pain points. You have EMR for clinical needs but struggle with special projects, patient consents and new age programs meant to help patient population. We give you secure digital platform that hospital administrators, analysts and providers can use to manage federal, state programs, data and documents that is HIPPA compliant, and stress free to use.
We help you protect your users accounts, logins , reserach programs and clinical trial data.
Rainbow Technologies and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant rSecure Office platform is must need for your company that continues to innovate.
You help people and companies navigate their legal challenges. We help your practice to protect data, documents, interactions, analysis, using our patented security technologies that fights 10 types of cyber attacks but very easy and relaxing to use. Record your clients' approvals for case presentations, changes and extensions using Rainbow Smart Verification tool.
Government Institutions are the base of the thriving society. We make it very easy for your employees and members of public to get strongest cyber defense in a creative, non-biased, affordable and easy to use manner. We provide custom service and solutions to help you manage your programs and projects using incredibly secure rainbow and geoACL technologies. Ask for your special pricing today.
Defense Institutions and Contractors serve the country. We are proud of you.We want you to focus on your missions to serve the people by giving you stress free, simple and secure way to manage information like your programs and projects, design documents, vendor contracts, research programs, adhoc approvals, ID proof documents and so on....