Rainbow Secure Note: rSecureNote

Lets protect your data in all dimensions,
Take control of your digital assets

We guard your digital assets with extreme security standards, and burden free security model.

Organize, Optimize your information, documents and business workflows all in one place.

It all starts with 10c a Day.

Stress free digital security Perfect for you & your business

No fear of system loss or crash, no fear of hackers or digital thieves, nor flood or fire with Microsoft Cloud powered reliability and Colorful Rainbow technology powered security.
Secure digital vault, not ordinary vault.
We need to secure our important data like banking, investment, password, legal, discussions, family history, health history, plans, documents as well as personal diary.

Hackers got an upgrade, do you? Get Bullet-proof style security for your data and documents with Rainbow Secure Note. What’s the point if anyone can break the glass and get away with all that matters to you?

Don't stress out to make a choice. Increase both your Productivity and Security with Rainbow Secure Note.
Business Professionals, Enterprise Users who want to efficiently manage, organize and secure business data, customer data, documents, Plans, workflows, communication, messaging under state and federal regulations and data privacy laws.
Colors and Styles makes login fun. Make your business agile and secure with Rainbow Secure Note.

Data Security should not be luxury, Its basic right.

Why choose us

rSecureNote Is The Most Secure and Flexible Way to Store your Notes and Secrets. Powerful easy to organize options & cyber-attack fighting technology and amazing support are the reasons for our customers to fall in love.

Keep your information well-organized with easy to read and write options that makes the note writing process enjoyable.
All Data Encrypted
All your data is encrypted with highest security standards and powerful rainbow credentials.
Universal Access
No Download needed. Access all of your files from any Windows, Android or iOS devices.
Smart lock
Give multi-layer protection to your data with Rainbow Smart Lock.
File storage
Store and manage your documents, worksheets, pdfs, specimens, scans, images and archives.

Plans & Features

rSecureNote - Write, Save and protect stress free

All you need to know about rSecureNote plan features in detail with plan options.

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