Today data security is a priority and
business is under threat.

Our innovative stylish and colorful password, Multifactor and location protection offers modern, highly-improved ways to protect data.

With Rainbow Secure Office, you’ll get innovative, reliable tools, great service for protecting personal and business data that gives you productivity and security at same time.

What you get with rSecureOffice - Rainbow Secure Office

rSecureNote For Business

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Rainbow Secure Note (rSecureNote) Secure Vault For Business
Rainbow Secure Note (rSecureNote) Secure Vault For Individuals
Rainbow Encryption Tool (rEncrypyFile)
Rainbow Secure Cloud Storage (rCloudStorage)
Rainbow Password less login API
Rainbow Password API
Smart multifactor API
Access Control Getway

Why choose us

We take care of your data, protecting your files from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Also, our team ensures software compliance with privacy laws and regulations..

Customized Approach
Our team offers advanced solutions both to individuals and businesses. We’ll help you choose the necessary tools that cover your niche’s needs in data storage and protection.
Business continuity and reliability
We provide reliable hosting, business continuity and disaster preparedness through our partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.
AI and Machine-Learning Services
We provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven services to help you excel in your business through our Rainbow Secure Office technical services.
Enterprise Integration
We’ll improve your company’s productivity, increase security, and add value by integrating such identity systems as AD/LDAP, HR System, remote VPN, etc.

Rainbow Secure Office plans


We’ll help you improve productivity and relieve your stress by providing modern tools for secure information management. You’ll avoid unsupported legacy software and data leaks. With rSecureOffice, you’ll get:
  • latest security software;
  • simple-to-master tools;
  • personalized data protection;
  • universal access from all devices;
  • professional support.
  • Get Rainbow Office tools and bring back smiles while managing your personal assets.

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    We support enterprises by providing a connected experience with a smart digital platform. Our experienced team will help you solve complex business challenges effortlessly. With rSecureOffice, you’ll achieve:
  • linked business workflows;
  • protected team access to files;
  • strategic meaningful insights;
  • increased work efficiency;
  • information security gaps removal;
  • strongest cyber defense.
  • Our business support services include both initial training and ongoing support. Get professional assistance in different situations with the Rainbow Business Bundle today.

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    Smart and Secure Offerings for you and your Office.

    Rainbow Secure Office featured services.

    Our Solutions complemented by our focused services promotes productivity, efficiency and compliance bringing smiles to users, business owners and investors.

    Enterprise Integration
    Our team will help you integrate specific applications to provide a secure, connected office experience. With technological advancements, you’ll transform your enterprise, improve strategy planning, and protect all transactions.
    Cloud Setup
    We’ll help you evaluate your data usage, provide enhanced solutions, and move your assets to the preferred cloud storage. Our specialists will safely manage all data and software, including rSecure Office.
    Cyber security Services
    We assess your cyber security readiness and data privacy gaps, help setup a guided program to get in compliance, close the security and privacy gaps, and install a framework for continuous cyber defense.
    Product training & Support
    We offer product training and refresher courses on rSecure Office tools and popular industry cloud and cyber security tools. We also offer premier extended support for our and partner solutions. Contact us for details.